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About OriginBot

OriginBot is an open-source kit for intelligent robots, and it is also an open-source project built by a community, aiming to let every participant enjoy the fun of robot development.

The project was jointly initiated by Guyueju and Horizon, a leading intelligent computing platform provider, and welcomes more enterprises, organizations and developers to join.


Introduction to Guyueju

Guyueju, is a well-known ROS robot community( Chinese-speaking areas, committed to providing high-quality communication and learning platforms for robot learners, with more than 1.2 million online users, and strives to build a community ecology integrating talents, content, schools and enterprises, since its establishment in 2011, it has accumulated more than 10 million words of high-quality content, more than 1000 hours of video courses, and published "ROS Robot Development Practice" and other best-selling books, and establish cooperation with many universities and enterprises, through the innovative model of AI robot + community ecology, to empower future-oriented talent training.