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SD card mirroring



  • Version 2.x: Based on the RDK Linux open source code package, it supports a full range of hardware such as RDK X3, X3 module, and Sunrise X3 pi
  • Version 1.x: The previous version of Sunburst X3 faction, only the Glorious Sun X3 faction hardware is supported, and the system image name is system_sdcard.img

If you are not sure how to choose the version, please install the latest version directly

OriginBot SD card image (applicable to RDK X3 and Sunrise X3 pi), including the new version of the system, all application functions and source code:

version Release date Download link Software version included
v2.1.0 2024. 3.1 originbot_sd_image_v2.1.0 ros:foxy
v2.0.2 2023. 11.24 originbot_sd_image_v2.0.2 ros:foxy
v2.0.1 2023. 10.24 originbot_sd_image_v2.0.1 ros:foxy
v2.0.0 2023. 9.18 originbot_sd_image_v2.0.0 ros:foxy

OriginBot SD card image (applicable to RDK X3 only), including the new version of the system, all application functions and source code:

version Release date Download link Software version included
v1.0.4 2023.4.17 originbot_sd_image_v1.0.4 ros:foxy
v1.0.3 2023.2.23 originbot_sd_image_v1.0.3 ros:foxy
v1.0.2 2023.1.17 originbot_sd_image_v1.0.2 ros:foxy
v1.0.1 2022.12.8 originbot_sd_image_v1.0.1 ros:foxy
v1.0.0 2022.10.9 originbot_sd_image_v1.0.0 ros:foxy

Application source code

The OriginBot application functions are implemented based on ROS2 and TogetheROS, and the source code repository is as follows:

Code repositories Mostly dependent libraries illustrate
originbot ros:foxy
The robot application function package runs on the robot side
originbot_desktop ros:foxy The robot application function package, running on the PC side

The code on the robot side has been built into the SD card image, and has been compiled and configured, and the path in the image system is:

Controller firmware

The controller firmware needs to be burned to the STM32 system, the following versions are available, please select one of them to download and burn according to your needs:

version Release date Download link MCU
v1.0.5 2024.3.1 originbot_controller_firmware_v1.0.5 STM32F103
v1.0.4 2023.9.18 originbot_controller_firmware_v1.0.4 STM32F103
v1.0.2 2023.1.17 originbot_controller_firmware_v1.0.2 STM32F103
v1.0.1 2022.12.8 originbot_controller_firmware_v1.0.1 STM32F103
v1.0.0 2022.10.9 originbot_controller_firmware_v1.0.0 STM32F103

If you have a certain understanding of RTOS and want to develop controller firmware in depth, you are also welcome to choose a firmware version that is suitable for FreeRTOS:

version Release date Download link MCU
v1.0.3-FreeRTOS 2023.4.17 originbot_controller_firmware_freertos STM32F103

If you use a mobile phone charger to power the OriginBot in daily use, you can use the controller firmware version that reduces the voltage criticality and causes the buzzer to ring, this version will only sound for 5s after the first detection voltage is lower than 9.6v after the machine starts, and will continue to sound after the voltage is detected to be lower than 4.85v:

version Release date Download link MCU
reduced_buzzer_duration 2023.9.18 originbot_controller_firmware_no_buzzer STM32F103

Controller firmware source code

The source code repositories corresponding to the above firmware are as follows:

Code repositories illustrate
originbot_controller The embedded source code of the robot controller, the development platform is Keil, and the MCU is STM32F103

Open-source hardware

3D model

name Download link illustrate
3D model of the OriginBot robot OriginBot 3D model 3D model of the robot, stp format

Electrical drawings

name Download link illustrate
Schematic diagram of the OriginBot controller Click View/Download Schematic diagram of OriginBot Controller,pdf version
OriginBot Controller PCB Engineering Click View/Download The originbot controller PCB project file, which contains the schematic source file, is recommended to be opened using the Altium Designer software

More RDK X3 references can be found here

Other information

name Download link illustrate
RDK X3 Data Pack
(Sunrise X3 Pi)
Click here to view The RDK X3 package contains hardware interface manuals, schematics, user manuals, and more
Lidar data manual Click Download YDLIDAR X3 data manual
Motor data manual Click Download Code disc TT motor