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OriginBot is a fully open-source bot project, which derives more compatible bot development kits, welcome everyone to pay attention.


During the maintenance process of the OriginBot project, the following packages will not be fully adapted, please refer to the manufacturers of each package for more information. If you have other recommended robot kits, please feel free to contact us to join the list below.

OriginCar Intelligent Robot Kit


OriginCar is an intelligent robot, but also a robot product born out of love, its "macho man pink" appearance contains countless intelligent robot developers deep in their hearts for robot development. 0rigincar is equipped with the Horizon Robotics development kit -- RDK X3 5Tops, which supports a variety of AI algorithms and is compatible with many application functions in the ROS/ROS2 ecosystem, it is the latest addition to OriginBot's series of intelligent robots, designed to let more developers explore their deepest passions.

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OriginCar Intelligent Robot GuyuejuTaobao



CODBOT-X3 Pro is a commercial intelligent ROS robot developed by Originbot's official partner, which adopts an alloy chassis and can perfectly connect to all resources on the Originbot open source community, including: source code, courses, project cases, etc. Make it easier and more convenient for every participant to enjoy the fun of ROS robot development.

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CODBOT X3 Pro intelligent robot