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Participate in contributing

Core contributors


We sincerely invite all developers to participate in the OriginBot project in many ways and forms:

Provide feedback

  • In the process of using the OriginBot suite, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask and discuss in the Guyueju community section

  • In the process of using OriginBot software, if you find any bugs, please submit an issue in the code repository

Contribute code

  • In the process of using the OriginBot suite, if there are optimizations, additions and other modifications to the original code, you are welcome to submit a pull request in the code repository

Open source delivery

  • If you are interested in OriginBot, you are welcome to like the project, or share it with developers in need.

  • If there are more interesting functions or robots derived from the OriginBot open source project, please share them with you in the community section, and we will also promote excellent projects in the community.