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License plate recognition


The operating environment and software and hardware configurations are as follows:

  • OriginBot robot(Visual Version/Navigation Version)
  • PC:Ubuntu (≥20.04) + ROS2 (≥Foxy)

License plate recognition

After connecting to OriginBot via SSH, enter the following command in the terminal to enable the license plate recognition function:

$ ros2 launch vlpr

Start vlpr

Wait for the recognition model to load

After starting, the web side will warn that there is no image data, and you need to wait for the license plate recognition function to be fully activated, and the startup will be completed when [vlpr_node]shows successfully.

View the routine effect on the WEB side

After the operation is successful, on the PC side of the same network, open the browser, enter http://IP:8000 ,and select "web display side" to view the image and recognition effect, and the IP is the IP address of OriginBot.


Introduction to the principle

The license plate recognition function is realized by detecting the contour of the license plate and identifying the numbers in the contour, which is composed of MIPI image acquisition, glyph detection, OCR, image encoding and decoding, and WEB display, and the process is as follows: